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We are a group of people who meet on the second Sunday of each month to gossip and craft, well mainly gossip. We are a friendly bunch who share our tips and ideas with each other freely. If you fancy popping in to join us one month feel free there is no membership fee just subs each time you come.

Thank you for popping by to say hello.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

End of Julys meet

i set the challenge for this meet, i thought it was quite a good one but it didnt seem too popular with some of you ladies
i gave each lady a pick of a kit which consisted of a set of instructions, sheet of backing paper, ribbon, stamp or sticker and some jewels or brads, the instructions were for a bagelope which they then had to decorate using the goodies from their pack

here are the instructions they were given

Bagelope instructions

Take an envelope of any size

Seal the flap completely. You may need to use a little extra glue at the ends

Cut off the top to form the bag opening..

Score fold lines along the three sealed edges to the required size making sure they are all the same width if you have a score board this will be slightly easier. These score lines will form little squares in the bottom left and right corners.

Score these boxes in half diagonally to make two triangles, starting from each bottom corner and scoring inward.

Fold along the scored lines to form the bagelope.

The folded triangles will poke out on each side.

Fold the triangles under and glue them to the bagelope’s bottom.

Fold the top over to make a lip so that the bag is fully secure (optional).

You can seal the bagelope in many different ways.. A few options are: Velcro, double-sided tape, or file folder

Decorate as required making sure you use all of the elements included in your pack

Here are the results

and to all you ladies who didnt manage to make the meet dont worry i have a set for you which i will bring to the september meet(hope you didnt think you got out of it.)

Hope you are all having a good time

Just wanted to say am thinking of you all while you are enjoying yourselves. Flu nearly gone and had my last tablet see you all in August. Son driving me mad already will be grey bu end of august.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Crafty Devils Weekend Meet

This weekend saw a two day meet of the crafty devils club. Evelyn and Dorothy joined us from Scotland and it was lovely to see them again.
There were lots of challenges and lots of fun. We then went to the pub for our tea on Saturday night and a lovely time was had by all.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

August Meet - Date Change

The August meet has changed from the 9th to the 16th August.


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Meet Calendar

These are the meet dates for the rest of the year:

Sunday 31st May - No theme
Sunday 14th June - Elephant theme (bring wallet card with 30 items in it)
Saurday 11th July - No theme
Sunday 12th July - Summer theme
Sunday 26th July - No theme
Sunday 9th August - Balloons theme
Sunday 13th September - Children theme
Sunday 27th September - No theme
Saturday 10th October No theme
Sunday 11th October - General theme (thank you etc)
Sunday 25th October - No Theme
Sunday 8th November - Christmas
Sunday 22nd November - Christmas
Sunday 13th December - Shaped cards theme

We are also going to try to add some extra so wtch this space..................